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Multiple Sclerosis Research is the Year 2014 focus for the Dr. Paul H. Duray MD

Research Fellowship Foundation, Inc.

Spinal fluid Specimens are essential in the confirmation of an MS Diagnosis.

Upon completion of routine MS spinal fluid examinations,

the left over specimens may be either saved for future research--or--they may

be discarded.

Free Additional research Studies are available to All MS patients

through our Foundation.

Absolute patient confidentiality is guaranteed.

Participating patients will receive a complete result of their specimen results,

which may be shared with their personal physician.

Note: It is not required that any participating patient

receive permission to participate in this FREE research program.

it is hoped that an as yet unknown fraction of MS spinal fluid

specimens will show evidence of Borrelia INFECTION.

Any patients with these results may be eligible for Antibiotic Therapy

to treat Borrelia infection in the brain.

This is the first International program to seek

evidence for Borrelia infection in human MS spinal fluid.

More information about the Research foundation:

Click above with the mouse (left click)  for Detailed  information sheet.[You must have the free Adobe Reader on your computer to see the  Information Page]


Thank you for your interest and participation in this FREE international Study

of Multiple Sclerosis patients.




How will the Beacon DNA probes Actually work?


Light is released from the Beacon ONLY IF  the BEACON DNA PROBE  locates




Negative Beacon RESULT:  No Light RELEASED fromt the Beacon, because

   NO perfect DNA match was present in that particular spinal fluid..

   is present in the Spinal Fluid:



POSITIVE RESULT :  A PERFECT DNA  match is found by the Beacon DNA probe in SPINAL FLUID



The Bar GRAPH of BEACON DNA probes in Human Spinal fluid.


           [The lager the Bar, the more intense light is emitted from  the Beacon DNA probe -

                 and the brighter signal--

                   correlates with the Concentration of Target DNA in the Spinal fluid -

Large bars = high DNA of

                   Target Borrelia DNA in that spinal fluid specimen.  Results measured Twice

for Accuracy confirmation]

           {  The minute bars  show Negative Beacon DNA probe light release from the Spinal fluid,-

Therefore NO TARGET BORRELIA DNA in the Negative Spinal fluids}

CONTROL -  Positive Control

           A spinal fluid donated by a patient with proven Borrelia infection in

the spinal fluid -using

                Antibody production to Borrelia as proof of active infection

( Positive Western blot      using IgG, IgA, and IgM testing

at Immugen labs, Norwood, Mass.

            Extra Proof from this positive control: 

Living Borrelia were  also  cultivated

( grown in the test tube from the spinal fluid specimen)

from this positive spinal fluid specimen




DNA probes identify Borrelia in human spinal fluid from neuroborreliosis cases

The Larger the Bar,  the more DNA of borrelia was present in the Spinal Fluid specimen..

     Summary of Positive Spinal fluids for Beacon DNA Probe Testing:  Four patients

demonstrated Borrelia DNA         in their spinal fluid specimens.

     Negative results  were found in 25 Spinal fluid specimens.


Additional Proof of living borrelia Present in the Spinal fluid control specimen Above:   Positve growth of borrelia cystic forms in labo cultures of

   that spinal fluid specimen.